This is a really common question we hear from concerned managers. Rest easy. Managers worry a lot more about this than their team members do. 

In fact, team members tend to be very happy their manager is using a system like Lighthouse; you’re going to be a better manager and they’re the one to benefit from it. This is a good thing. 

But maybe you don’t believe us. Maybe you’re worried it won’t be so smooth and easy for your team.  

Here’s what’s worked for others to tell their teams about Lighthouse.

1) If you’re brand new to 1 on 1s….

If you’re totally new to 1 on 1s with your team, then you have a bit more explanation to give them. We have a complete post on how to start 1 on 1s here walking you step by step through that process.

For starters, a message like this is perfect to set the right mindset and context before your first 1 on 1 with them:

   Hi <Their Name>,

   I’m going to start doing one on ones with you and other members of the team. This is to get more feedback from you as well as give you a place we can talk about anything that’s bothering you, your career development, and more. 

   To start, we’ll have the first one on Tuesday, January 20th at 2pm. We can then talk about a time that we can stick to regularly afterwards.

   If you want to learn more about what to expect, this post can help you:

   If you have any questions, please let me know.

   <Your Name>

Then, as part of having the first 1 on 1, you can tell them you’re using Lighthouse to help you make the most of the 1 on 1.  This ensures it's a good use of both of your time, teaches them what to bring to the meeting, and sees how software is guiding you. 

Our Suggested Questions in particular can be a great opening to mention it; you ask them the question and then mention this product recommended it.

2) If you already have 1 on 1s…

If you already have 1 on 1s with your team, then all you need to do is tell them you’re trying to make the meetings even better than they are today. 

Tell them Lighthouse helps you stay more organized and prepared, while suggesting things to talk about their research shows is important to their work happiness.

If you want to email or message them in advance, you can tell them something like:

    “Hi <Their Name>,

    I’m trying out some new software called Lighthouse, which helps managers like me be more effective managers. 

    It’s all about helping me make the most of our 1 on 1s together, and making progress together on your growth and development.  Research shows those are the highest impact investments I can make with you to improve your work life. 

    I’m starting out using it for myself and can answer your questions about it in our next 1 on 1 on <DAY> at <TIME>. If you’d like I can then invite you to have a free account which you can use with me to really collaborate on these areas. 

    Your Name"

It's all about *Your Mindset*

In the end, Lighthouse is an investment in your team. 

You’re doing this to help them and be a better leader, more efficiently. 

It’s hard for anyone to be anything but excited to have a manager that really cares. It’s rare today, and you’re taking the first step to joining this exclusive club by building the habits we support you with in Lighthouse. 

If your mind is set that these are going to be key improvements to your meetings, that optimism will show through with your team and lead to better meetings and more engaged staff. Who doesn’t want that?

Have another way you’ve told your team about Lighthouse that worked really well? Please share it with us so we can tell the Lighthouse Manager community as well by emailing us at [email protected] 

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