You can view an overview of our pricing on our website here:  

Here's the basics for how we price Lighthouse:

How much does a manager account cost?

For each manager account, Lighthouse costs $29 per month, or you get 2 months free if you pay annually ($289).

This fee includes:

** This feature requires that the managers reporting to you also have paid Lighthouse manager accounts.

What if I want Lighthouse for multiple managers?

To make it easy for you, upon request, we can group billing onto a single account or annual invoice we send you.  Email us at if you need to set up group billing.

What about advance features for organizations like reviews, analytics, and managing the organization?

We have a number of advanced features on a higher priced tier of Lighthouse:

  • Performance reviews where managers can evaluate their team, team members can evaluate themselves, and team members can evaluate their managers.
  • Analytics to understand which managers are having great 1 on 1s and growing their people and who is not.
  • Organizational controls to archive, export, add, and delete anyone from your organization as you grow and change. 
  • The ability to edit our Suggested Questions and add your own that are just for your managers. 

If you're interested in our advanced features that are part of our higher tier of Lighthouse, contact us at to talk further and get a demo of these features and more. 

Pricing for this tier varies depending on the size of your organization, implementation needs, and other requests. 

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