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Here's the basics for how we price Lighthouse:

How much does a Lighthouse Basic manager account cost?

For each manager account, Lighthouse costs $29 per month, or you get 2 months free if you pay annually ($289).

This fee includes:

** This feature requires that the managers reporting to you also have paid Lighthouse manager accounts.

What if I want Lighthouse for multiple managers?

To make it easy for you, upon request, we can group billing onto a single account or annual invoice we send you.  Email us at [email protected] if you need to set up group billing.

You can also level up you and all of your managers with Lighthouse Pro

What is Lighthouse Pro?

Lighthouse Pro includes everything in Lighthouse Basic and also:

  • 2 Manager Score benchmarking surveys per year

  • 1 Lighthouse Lessons program participation per year

  • Analytics to see how all managers are doing for groups using Lighthouse Pro

  • Organizational controls to edit, archive, export, and transfer team members between managers

  • Summary report for senior leaders to see Manager Score results across your organization and learn how to help your managers improve

Note: All Managers must have Lighthouse Pro level accounts to be included in the listed features above.

How much does Lighthouse Pro cost?

For each manager account, Lighthouse Pro is $500 per year. It is available only yearly, because of the annual cycle of the features you receive.

If you're interested in Lighthouse Pro, contact us at [email protected] to talk further and get a demo of these features and more. 

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