If you're just starting out with your Lighthouse account, you may be wondering why when you add a team member we ask for their email address.  In this help article we explain that. 

Why Lighthouse needs your team member email addresses when you add them

Specifically, we answer:

  1. What do we do and not use their email address for?

  2. Why do we ask for their email address?

  3. How do we handle the information you enter in Lighthouse?

Let's jump in.

What do we do and not use your team member's email address for?

First and foremost, we do not email your team when you add them. They're only emailed when you choose to send them something via Lighthouse.

Many managers use Lighthouse just for themselves at first. Then, they start telling their team about it in 1 on 1s with them and start using our email features:

  • You can email Action Items to them after your 1 on 1 to establish clear next steps.

  • You can email their Goals you work on with them based on the last state they were in inside Lighthouse.

  • You can invite them to have a Lighthouse account to collaborate on your 1 on 1 agendas, and Career Goals with them.

In all cases, you get to preview the message before we send the invite, or other emails. 

Why do we ask for their email address?

Given we let you wait to contact your team, it's understandable you may wonder why we still need their email address from the start. Here's why:

  • It’s a unique identifier -  So we can keep everyone organized in one place instead of 10 google docs, we need a way to differentiate between all the people on your team and anyone else in the product.  There's many John Smiths, but only 1 [email protected] 

  • Calendar Sync magic: Our calendar integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook need the email address so we're sure we sync with the right event series for you and them. 

  • Help set up your account: With their email address, we can find photos and job titles off of LinkedIn, which you'll see added in future sessions in Lighthouse. Who doesn't want to see their team's smiling faces in a product all about helping them?

  • Ready when you are: If you've already given us the email address, that means that we're ready when you want to contact them (like action items and to invite them). This way we don't interrupt your flow in the middle of a meeting to add an email address. 

How do we handle the information you enter in Lighthouse?

We take the privacy of your data very seriously. Please refer to our full document on privacy here, and our official privacy policy here.

Lighthouse is a paid product for exactly this reason. By charging our customers directly, we are motivated to protect your data and never share it with 3rd parties.

If you have any further questions about data, privacy, or how we use you or your team members' information, contact us at [email protected] 

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