Email is a key part of communication in any company, so as part of the Lighthouse product, we send emails to help improve how you and your team work together.

Every email Lighthouse sends has a purpose: either a reminder, education, or an offer of help.

When you first get started, we send you a lot of emails, and then it drops off to only essential reminders.  Here’s a break down of the emails we send:

1) For Managers

There are 2 kinds of emails we send to you: 

  • Transactional emails to help you with prep, reminders, and other habits and actions you take.  

  • Educational emails to teach you key concepts that will make you a better manager and that our software helps make easier for you to do.    

Here's a breakdown of all the emails you'll receive as a manager account using Lighthouse:

One time emails we send if you're in a free trial:

  • A welcome email immediately after signup based on your signup survey answers

  • Notices about advanced features based on their survey answers like EU hosting, and Coach’s view

  • A trial expiration warning a few days before your trial is up on day 21.

  • A trial expiration notice when your trial expires on day 21.

  • A final notice one week after your trial ends if you do not become a customer but seemed to use Lighthouse

One time emails we send to all accounts, for both individual managers in trial, and anyone using Lighthouse with their company:

  • Our 5 email series about the 3 Keys to Being a Great Manager (sent once every 3-5 days during your trial)

  • A check in email 7-10 days after you start to answer questions and hear your feedback.

Recurring emails we send to all managers:

  • A prep email before each of your scheduled 1 on 1s (either the morning of or the night before).

  • A reminder to enter your notes in Lighthouse if you didn’t enter any for that meeting.

  • Any date reminders (work anniversaries, birthdays, etc) you configured for a team member 7 days before the date, and the day it occurs. 

  • Approximately once every 3-6 months we’ll reach out to see how you’re doing and to request your feedback.    

  • Once a month we will send a product update letting you know about improvements and bug fixes in Lighthouse. 

If you want to unsubscribe from any of these emails, look to the footer of the email for a link to unsubscribe.  You can also get the majority of these in Slack if you set up our slack bot here.

2) For Team Members

When you add your team, they do not receive any emails from us. However, we ask for their emails as part of our set up process for a variety of reasons outlined here.

Later, once you choose to send an email are they sent anything.  

Here’s a breakdown of those emails they can receive at your discretion:

Emails Managers Choose to send their team:

  • Inviting them to Lighthouse to have team member accounts for their 1 on 1s with you (you can customize this message before sending)

  • Sending Action Items to your team member after a 1 on 1 (you can edit this message before sending)

  • If you work on a Goal together in Lighthouse and want to email them a copy of it. (You can edit this message before sending)

Once you've invited your team, emails your Team members receive 1 time:

  • The invite email to set their password in Lighthouse. 

  • 3 emails explaining how Lighthouse works for them, spread out over 5 days.

  • A notice at the start and end of a review period to complete their reviews

  • Any nudges for reviews that are chosen to be sent from our Organizational controls by someone with Admin access will also be sent to them. 

Once invited, recurring emails your Team members receive:

  • A reminder 3 days before their 1 on 1 with you to prepare their thoughts and any outstanding things they need to complete.

  • A reminder the day before their 1 on 1 with you to prepare their thoughts and any outstanding things they need to complete.

Note 1: Your team members can reply directly to their 1 on 1 reminders to add items to their agenda with you.

Note 2: Your team members can manage the timing of these 2 reminder emails, or unsubscribe from them, in their 1 on 1 section of Settings.

If you have any questions about how Lighthouse works regarding email, contact us at [email protected] 

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