The foundation of being a great leader is building strong rapport and trust with your team. Without that foundation, you won’t have the healthy, two-way conversations and candor that are the hallmark of great, high performing teams. 

Building rapport is all about getting to know what matters to each person uniquely. 

Unfortunately, with everything going on and often rapidly growing teams, it’s easy to forget some of the key, personal information you learn about your team.  

That’s why we built the Rapport tab:

From here you can keep track of their key work strengths and weaknesses, some of their personal interests, and other long term details you may here once and need to remember a year or two from now.

Remember the most important people and dates in their lives.

One of the easiest, and most important ways to build rapport is to remember key names and dates related to each team member. 

That’s why Lighthouse built you a cheat sheet you can fill in as you get to know your team:  

  • The name of a significant other or spouse 

  • Names of their children.

  • Dates for their birthday, work anniversary, and other custom dates. 

Dates can be particularly meaningful, which is why Lighthouse will remind you a week before as well as the day of any date you set in Lighthouse.

A Note on Privacy: Only You See Rapport items

Anything you enter on the rapport tab is private and just for you. Your team member cannot see anything you entered. When they use Lighthouse with you, they have a Goals tab to work on their goals with you and a 1 on 1 tab to see your shared agenda and their action items.

Above is what your team member's account looks like.

Skeptical this matters? Check out this data from Entelo of over 1 million employees regarding when they leave their jobs:

As you can see, shortly after the work anniversary is a huge turnover spike every year an employee may be at your company.  

Remember it and take time to make sure they’re still happy, or the date is likely to become a forewarning of approaching departures.

Always remember that day

On the day of the event you set the reminder for, you'll then see that Trophy icon, Star icon, or Birthday cake icon next to their name so you don't miss recognizing it.

Still not sure about the importance of building rapport with your team? 

You can learn more about the importance of rapport from some great leaders like Camille Fournier, Kate Matsudaira, Dale Carnegie, ret. Naval Captain L David Marquet, and more here.

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