If you're reading this help doc, we're sorry it's happening. It means you no longer want to use us. 

We try to make this an easy process for everyone, so please read on to see the 3 simple steps to follow.

NOTE: If you are looking to cancel a gym membership, you are in the wrong place. We are software for people who manage teams, and unfortunately cannot help you cancel your gym membership with a gym that happens to also have Lighthouse in their name.

How to Cancel Your Lighthouse Trial

If you're in trial and have decided Lighthouse isn't for you, you can just leave your account; we'll automatically freeze it at the end of the trial and then delete it 30 days after the end of the trial. 

If you're early in your trial and want to cease all our emails and notifications, then just send us a message with Intercom (the chat circle in the bottom right of our product), or email us at [email protected] and we'll delete your account right away.

Canceling in the time of Coronavirus

We are in unprecedented times as Coronavirus sweeps the world. While we all worry about how to avoid infection and pray for viable treatments and vaccines, quarantine has crushed our global economy.

During a crisis you need to be at your best as a manager, which is why we strive to help you with special Suggested Questions, and a easy-to-follow framework to make it easier to be consistent, accountable, and focused on the right things. 

If you're canceling because of a need to cut your budgets as part of a response to the economic impact of Coronavirus, then know we have some options for you so we can continue to help you through this:

  1. Save Your Data to Quickly Resume by Pausing Lighthouse: If you plan to come back once budget cuts end and recovery begins, in your cancellation email, mention you'd like us to pause your account. We'll save your data at no cost for when you come back (email us to re-activate). 

  2. Defer Payment 3 months: If you expect this to be a short term crunch, you can continue using Lighthouse, and we will then charge you for deferred months at the end of the deferral period.  

  3. Suggest a Creative Alternative: These are unique times, so we're open to unique ideas. If you're willing to blog about how you use Lighthouse, provide a testimonial, or offer another beneficial alternative, we're open to working with you on some budgetary relief. 

If you're interested in any of 1-3, mention it in your cancellation message we outline below: 

How to Cancel Your Paid Lighthouse Subscription

If you're already a Lighthouse customer with a paid account, then to cancel your account follow these 3 easy steps:

NOTE: If you're part of a larger group account that needs closed, please contact us about options for batch exporting and closing of everyone's accounts.

1) Tell us how we came up short for you

We are a small startup that works hard to serve every customer. If you're canceling, it means we must have failed you in some way.  

Feedback is the lifeblood of any startup, so it is a tremendous gift to us to share:

  • Why you're canceling?

  • What you're switching to instead?

  • What makes what you're changing to a better fit for you?

When you vote with your wallet and choose to cancel Lighthouse, you're strongly telling us we have work to do. 

Sharing details why helps us make Lighthouse better for other managers, and should you come back in the future, you may find we fixed or added what you requested.

2) Export your data you've entered

We know how important your notes on your team are in Lighthouse, which is why our #1 priority is making sure you get your data out. 

We will not close your account until you confirm you exported your data (or do not want it), because once we close it the data is gone.

To export your data, go to the Team section of Settings and click "Export Member Details" for each team member:

3) Contact us!

Once you've exported your data and have a couple sentences ready why you're canceling, just send us a note either in Intercom (chat icon in the bottom right corner when you're logged in) or to [email protected] 

Something like this is great:

  • Hi Lighthouse team,

    I'd like to close my account. I'm canceling because <Reason Why, and What's better>.

    I've already downloaded my team's data, so I'm ready for you to close my account now.  

NOTE: If you're part of a larger group account that needs closed, please contact us about options for batch exporting and closing of everyone's accounts. 

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