If you're visiting this page, it's because you found a bug, or Lighthouse isn't working as you expected. We want to quickly resolve the problem, and if you follow the questions and links below, it will help do that.

Below you'll find common answers, and the information we need if those don't resolve the issues:

1) The information we need to investigate your issue

If you answer these questions when you send in a support request, we can resolve things MUCH FASTER:

1. What team member is affected?

  • Give us the full names (or emails used in Lighthouse) for the team member(s) affected.  This is the first thing we'll ask you otherwise.

2. What were you doing when the problem happened?

  • Provide as much detail as you can so we know what steps you took before and when the problem happened. This helps us reproduce the issue.

3. Were you referencing some instructions?

  • If there was a help doc you were looking at already, let us know what it is and at what point you ran into trouble.

2) Common Solutions to problems

We've written over 30 help docs to help with common actions and issues in Lighthouse. You can either use the Search bar (pictured above) at the top of help.getlighthouse.com or try these specific links:

Still having issues? Contact us with Intercom in the bottom right corner, or email us at [email protected] 

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