If you have a discussion you want to log in in Lighthouse that's outside the regular 1 on 1 schedule, just scroll down to the Past 1 on 1s area for that team member's 1 on 1s and click "Add a Note":

or you can click the icon in the top left of your 1 on 1 page with a team member:

Once you do, you can add any notes from your discussion, as well as set and email action items,

and if the discussion happened on another day, click to change the date:

Once you're done, just click done, and it will be added in chronological order to your timeline of past discussions:

And if you make a mistake, click on the note and then click, "Remove" when viewing the note (click on the date in the Past 1 on 1s area):

IMPORTANT! Removing notes is permanent, so we confirm with you before deleting it:

Note: You can only delete your notes you add using Add a Note. Your 1 on 1s are permanent, so that they can act as an accurate long term record.

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