As your organization grows and Lighthouse spreads in your company, you may find yourself looking for more. 

Our base Manager tier gives you all of the following:

Those are all key to any manager or small group using Lighthouse. However, you may be looking for more, such as answers to questions like:

  • How can I tell which managers are doing a good job and who I need to work more with?

  • Can I transfer team members between managers and add new employees myself instead of sending Lighthouse support requests? 

  • Can we run reviews in the same place we're keeping 1 on 1 notes?

  • Can I customize the Suggested Questions my managers see to fit my company's culture and style? 

With the Lighthouse Organization tier or our product we can help with all of those and more. (Note: If you're a Senior Leader who is mainly looking for analytics and org management? Check out Lighthouse Pro)

Here's a quick run down:

The Lighthouse Organization Features

Interested in upgrading or expanding your accounts to include these features? Contact us at [email protected]

1) Manage Your Organization + Understand Who Your Best & Worst Managers are

From our main Organization view, you can see who reports to every manager in Lighthouse. From there you can: 

  • Transfer team members between managers so one leader can pick up where the last leader left off.

  • Archive, Export, and Delete any team members who may have moved on from your organization

  • Add new team members to any Manager's team

You'll also notice the score for each person, which judges how well the manager is doing with having 1 on 1s and setting Goals with their teams. 

For any Team Member you can then drill in and see how they're doing:

With this information, you can see how anyone in your organization is doing and recognize when a Manager may be missing opportunities to be a good manager with their team. 

2) Make Your Company's Culture and Key Rituals a part of Every Employee's One on Ones

By default we give you and your managers over 100 battle-tested questions to ask their teams. With the Lighthouse Organizations tier, we give you full control:

  • Edit any of our questions to better fit your style

  • Add your own questions so all your managers see them

  • Suggest Topics to your team members to bring to their meetings

Small changes can make a big difference. By adding your own Suggested Questions and Topics, you can give your managers and team members just the right nudge to have key conversations together.

3) Run Basic Reviews and Close the Loop with One on Ones

Performance Reviews can be a great, easy experience. And Lighthouse is here to help.

Your managers are already talking with their teams about performance in their 1 on 1s, and setting goals, too. This makes it easy to then write performance reviews in the same place:

With your 1 on 1 notes right beside your review, it's easy to remember everything you've done with your team, instead of only recent memory. 

Lighthouse reviews support 2 key methods of reviews:

  • Managers evaluating their team members

  • Team Members evaluating themselves

Interested in upgrading or expanding your accounts to include these features? Contact us at [email protected] or schedule a time to talk more about them here: 

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