If you lead other managers, you know how important having good managers is to your organization. A bad manager can cause a whole team to underperform, spike turnover, and cause endless fires that can require your attention.

Our mission at Lighthouse is to make every manager great, which includes making your role as a senior leader easier.  

In addition to obvious features like grouped billing on your account (learn about billing options here), here's 3 features specifically designed to help you:

(Note: To provide you the best experience and for security purposes, please contact hel[email protected] if you'd like to use these features or have questions)

1) Use Coach's View to support your managers and have visibility to their teams

As you get promoted, some people that used to report to you now may report to a manager you just promoted to take your spot.  Most managers in your position are then wondering:

  • Will [new manager] take care of [team member] like I did?

  • How is [team member] doing now that they report to [new manager]?

  • Is [new manager] building the right habits? 

With the Lighthouse Coach's view, you can see the answers to those questions for yourself. 

If you and your managers have Lighthouse manager accounts we can give you visibility into their teams: 

When Coach's View is turned on, you'll see a triangle next to the name of anyone on your team who is also a manager (like Susan, above). 

Click the triangle to expand a list of their team members, which you can then use to navigate and see a read-only view of each team member. 

2) Check in how people deep in your organization are doing with Skip Level 1 on 1s

With the Coach's view, you can see how your managers are doing, and get context if they come to you with any questions about their team. 

Skip level 1 on 1s help you take your leadership to the next level.

One of the best ways to avoid losing touch with the front lines of your org is to continue to talk to those deeper in your organization.  The best way to do that is to schedule semi-annual Skip Level 1 on 1s with the team members that report to your managers. 

With Lighthouse, we can support all of this for you in the same log in and interface you're already using. Keep all your notes and conversations organized in one easy to reference place. 

A skip level 1 on 1 looks very similar to a regular 1 on 1: you have an agenda, action items, a schedule, and private notes. 

However, we know there's 1 extra thing you need to make your Skip Level 1 on 1s awesome. 

When you have a great conversation with one of your skip level staff members, we know it's quite common for you to hear something (good or bad) that you want to talk to their manager about.  

With so many meetings on your plate, it would be easy to lose track of it and forget to close the loop on the conversation. 

Fortunately, we bring the action item back to your next skip level 1 on 1 with them, AND automatically route it to the next conversation you have with their manager:

Interested in starting Skip Level 1 on 1s? You can learn more about the feature and how to have awesome Skip Level 1 on 1s here: http://help.getlighthouse.com/lighthouse-account-how-tos/how-to-set-up-your-skip-level-1-on-1s-in-lighthouse

3) Scale your efforts with Lighthouse PRO

When your team starts growing to the point you can't click through and look at everyone individually, it may be time to upgrade to our analytics and other features of Lighthouse Pro.

Here's a quick list of features that can help you:

  • See at a glance which managers are doing well and who isn't keeping up with their team with our Lighthouse Score based on 1 on 1 and Goal setting activity.

  • Drill into any manager's team to transfer, edit, download exports, archive, or delete any team member from a single view:

  • Teach your managers essential management skills with our Lighthouse Lessons program: with your Lighthouse Pro subscription, each manager receives one 12 week program to level up their leadership at a timing and topic you choose.

  • Run Manager Scores for each of your managers twice a year with your Lighthouse Pro subscription to benchmark how each manager is doing in key areas. (Learn more about Manager Scores here.)

These are only a few of many Lighthouse Pro features. You can see an overview of all of them here, or schedule a call to discuss upgrading your manager accounts here: https://meetme.so/LighthouseCustomers 

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