Lighthouse's goal is to make everyone have a great manager. Key to that is how you communicate, develop, and build trust with your team.

With Lighthouse Team Member accounts, your team can be a part of your use of Lighthouse in 3 key areas:

  1. 1 on 1 Prep: Get your team ready for their 1 on 1 with you, contributing to the agenda and seeing what you want to discuss.

  2. 1 on 1 Follow Through: Ensure your team is accountable and completes their action items. 

  3. Growth & Goals: Collaborate on their growth and goals in Lighthouse fully by creating, editing, updating, and completing goals.

Note: These accounts are free with your paid Lighthouse Manager account (more on billing here). 

Here's what Team Member accounts look like:

1) The 1 on 1 for Team Members

The 1 on 1 tab for Team Members is much like a manager's. They see:

  • Current and upcoming 1 on 1s

  • Action items from last 1 on 1

  • Agenda items entered by your manager for this 1 on 1

  • An area for a Shared Agenda of things you want your manager to see

  • Private notes for anything you want only for yourself to see

They also get the same timeline of Past 1 on 1s:

The key differences for team members then are:

  1. Read & Complete Action Items: Team members cannot create nor edit them. It's the manager's responsibility to clearly set expectations. 

  2. Goal steps due soon: Most Goals are driven by team member effort, so we remind them of an Goal steps due soon to remind them.

  3. Prep Timing: Managers get a prep email the morning of or the night before the 1 on 1. Team members get a reminder 3 days and 1 day before the 1 on 1.

2) Goals for Team Members

A huge part of long term happiness for great employees is a desire to grow. Whether that's a promotion, or deeper/broader skills in their existing role, most employees want some form of growth. 

With Lighthouse, when team members have accounts, they can collaborate 100% equally with their managers:

  • Create new Goals

  • Add steps to Goals

  • Complete, edit, and delete Goal steps

  • Archive, Delete, and Complete Goals

  • Email the Goal to let the other person know you've updated it

3) Complete your Reviews in Lighthouse

This is a premium feature in Lighthouse available on the Growing Organization tier. Team Members can complete their reviews in the same place they have their 1 on 1s and goals.

Contact us at [email protected] for a discussion and demo of how our reviews work. 

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