So you have a performance review coming up and you want to use Lighthouse to help you run it. That's awesome, because this means your managers and team members can reference their 1 on 1 notes and goals when their completing their reviews.

This makes them more accurate and detailed than relying on memory alone.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  1. You must be on the Growing Organization plan to create reviews. (Contact us at [email protected] if you're interested in upgrading.) 

  2. We support reviews for Team Members to evaluate themselves and for Managers to evaluate their teams.

  3. Reviews are based on the reporting structure in Lighthouse, so before starting, make sure that everyone reports to the correct manager by making any additions or transfers on your Analytics tab in your Organization controls

Let's walk you through how to create a review now.

How to Create a Performance Review in Lighthouse

The first step in creating the review is to go to the right section of Lighthouse. You'll find your existing reviews and the ability to create new reviews on the "Reviews tab":

Note: Your company must be on the Growing Organization tier and you must be set up to have Organization controls. If you need help or access, contact us at [email protected] 

Want to be 100% sure this works as you expect? Make a test review to assign just to yourself or a colleague. Simply choose *only them* in Step 2 and they'll be the only ones that see it.

1) To start a review, click "Create a Review"

2) Choose who is writing the review

This means  that you choose Managers if the Manager is evaluating their team members, and you choose Team Members if they're evaluating themselves.  

3) Select the Team Members or Managers that should take the review:

Names are listed in alphabetical order by first name for easy scanning. You can also click "Select All" in the top left to choose everyone.

4) Choose whether the review answers will be shared or private

A shared review means:

  • For Team Member self evaluations: The manager can see the team member's answers in Lighthouse. 

  • For Manager reviews of their Team Members: The Team Member will see the manager's answers in Lighthouse.

Important! We only share reviews that have been submitted/completed. Partially complete reviews or ones that are saved but still in progress will not be visible to the other person.  

We make your decisions really clear:

5) Click "Save and Continue" to move onto giving your review a title:

This title will be visible to everyone who sees the review: Those completing it and if you marked to share it, the person who views it.

Example: If you wrote the Title as "Q2 Team Member Review" that's what shows in the table for reviews a manager needs to complete. 

6) Click "Done" and start creating questions

Click on "Multiple Choice Question" or "Short Answer Question" to start adding questions to your review. 

6A) Multiple Choice Questions

For Multiple Choice Questions you can:

  • Have between 2 and 5 options for your questions, which allows for both Yes/No style questions as well as the Likert Scale (Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) or your own custom scoring scale 1-5.

  • Create a question title and an option description area. The description area can be as long as you like. Many companies use it to provide calibration of exactly what each option is (like say the difference between a 4 and 5 for a question).

  • Duplicate the question, or delete a question from the controls on the bottom right.

  • You can delete a multiple choice option with the X on the right side of each answer.

  • You can re-order the options by clicking and dragging the 3 lines next to each answer. 

6b) Short Answer Questions

For Short Answer Questions you can: 

  • Create a question title and an option description area. The description area can be as long as you like. Many companies use it to provide guidance on what to write in the short answer (like provide examples, or specific changes or actions to take moving forward). 

  • Duplicate the question, or delete a question from the controls on the bottom right.

Once you've added all of your questions, click "Save and Continue" or if you need to come back later, click "Save and Exit".

7) Choose the due date for your reviews 

Now you're choosing when the review must be *completed* by. This is the deadline everyone will see in Lighthouse and what will be started in their reminder and kickoff emails. 

8) Recap and double check EVERYTHING before starting

We know reviews are a really important task for you and your company, so we want to help you get it 100% right. You'll see that we give you a 100% clear breakdown of everything you just set. 

Read through the list to make sure it's what you want.

Want to change something? Just click the blue "Go Back" button until you're back to the section you want to change.  

9) Ready for kickoff? Click "Publish Review"

After you've read through and you're sure you like what you have, click "Publish Review" to start the review.

Not ready to start yet? Click "Save and Exit" and you can come back and kick it off when you're ready to have everyone start taking them.

10) Are you really sure? Great! 

We make everything 110% clear. We've recapped everything so you can double check your work, and now we give you a confirmation pop up so you definitely know you want everyone to start seeing their reviews.  

11) To email them yourself, or let us do it...that is the question

Once you choose to publish the review you have 1 final decision:

  1. Send Kickoff: Lighthouse will then email everyone who is assigned to write a review to tell them to log in and start writing their review.

  2. Send Manually: Click the "Copy E-mails"  link and then you can paste all the emails into your favorite email system and tell them yourself to start their reviews next time they log into Lighthouse. 

Some companies prefer the personal touch, or to have their department leaders tell their teams directly to take reviews. That's a good time to use the manual approach.

If you're looking for convenience and to save time, then use our kickoff email to automatically let everyone know. 

You can also of course be thorough and do both by clicking "Copy E-Mails" then selecting "Send Kickoff"; we'll then send them the kickoff, and you can use the emails you just copied to also let them know yourself.  

Tracking Your Progress

Now that you have your review published, you'll be taken back to your main reviews areas where you can track all your progress:

From here, you can:

1) See the questions assigned by clicking on the Review Title (like "Q3 Review" above)

2) Track how many people have not started (red), started but not completed (yellow), and completed the review (green)

3) Click on any of the red, yellow, or green numbers (as long as they're not zero) to get a pop up of who is in each group  

Click "Send Nudge to Reviewers" to remind those people to complete their reviews. 

You can Nudge them as many times as you want. We'll display the timestamp on the button for the last time you sent a Nudge, so you can avoid overdoing it. 

Have questions about reviews? Check out our FAQ here or contact us at [email protected]

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