Do you ever run 1 on 1s that are like any of these:

  • You turn your laptop so your team member can see what you're doing in your 1 on 1 with them? 

  • You have a shared computer you log into Lighthouse with in a conference room for your 1 on 1s? 

  • You share your screen, or project your Lighthouse page during the 1 on 1?

If you do any of those, the Lighthouse Privacy Toggle was designed for you:

With a single click, you can hide your private notes from view, so that despite sharing your screen, those notes won't be seen. Run your 1 on 1s confidently & transparently, while keeping those private items hidden.

Have a lot of shared screen 1 on 1s? Change your default state.

If you have a bunch of 1 on 1s coming up, or will be switching between pages in Lighthouse repeatedly with your team member, you may want to turn the privacy mode on by default in Settings:

What this means is that then every time you view a 1 on 1 page, the private mode will be on so you won't see your private notes until you click the privacy toggle button. 

If you navigate away from the page, or to another 1 on 1, as long as you have the settings set to on by default, you'll always need to click to reveal your private notes. 

Your notes are visible on your screen by default, so if you want to use this default hidden option, you'll want to go to the 1 on 1 section of Settings to make the change by going here.

Important final note: Private notes are private to you. Your team can never see your private notes from their log in. 

This is exclusively for visibility on your screen when you share it by turning your monitor, sharing your screen on a call, or projecting your screen in a conference room.


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