While we love our Google Calendar sync as the easiest way to keep Lighthouse up to date with your 1 on 1 schedule on your calendar, we know it doesn't always work for everyone.

Chances are, if you're here, one of two things is true:

  1. Your IT Department is preventing you from using our Google Calendar sync because it regularly revokes our authorization to sync with your calendar, meaning you keep having to re-sync your 1:1s. 

  2. You use a calendar other than Outlook or Google Calendar and still want all the benefits of syncing with Lighthouse (i.e.- we automatically pick up all reschedules, date and time changes, and cancellations).

Here's how to set up our universal calendar sync option:

How to set up Lighthouse's Universal Calendar Sync Option

Our Outlook Calendar sync actually works on *any* calendar because of how it was designed, Therefore, these instructions help you use our Outlook Calendar sync with any calendar you are using. 

Here's what to do...

1) Go to your calendar, then click on the next 1 on 1 you have with a team member you want to sync with in Lighthouse:

2) When you click on the event, choose to edit it. In Google Calendar that's the Pencil icon.  

When you choose to edit, if prompted, select to edit "The entire series."

This should open a detailed editor for your 1 on 1 calendar event:

3) Sync it in Lighthouse

Now you need to get information from Lighthouse to add to the event on your calendar.  

A) If you don't have 1 on 1s scheduled with them currently, click on "Sync With Outlook" on the team member's 1 on 1 tab:

B) If you do have 1 on 1s currently scheduled manually, then you need to first click on the 3 dots (...) next to the date of your current 1 on 1:

Then, Click on "Sync With Outlook" on the pop up that shows:

4) Copy the information from the Pop up and paste it into the calendar event you're editing:

5) Paste the email addresses (2.) into the Invitations field, and the Lighthouse Identifier (3.) into the Subject/Description field:

IMPORTANT: If you're using Google calendar, you'll have to change the ; dividers between emails into commas. We've optimized the copy function for its primary use: Outlook, which uses semi-colons. 

6) Click Send Update

Three VERY IMPORTANT things to remember:

1) Choose to apply this to all events

2) Choose to send the updates to everyone by clicking "Send

3) If prompted, Yes, you want to "invite external guests" outside your organization 

7) Last step! Go back to Lighthouse and click "Confirm Sync"

Once you've added the emails & the Lighthouse identifier, and have clicked to "Send Update", click "Confirm" in the bottom right of the pop up:

Note: It may take 30 seconds to a few minutes to 10 minutes to confirm the sync.

....if it's working you'll see the correct dates now showing on your 1 on 1 tab for that team member. 

Once synced, as long as you always send any changes (cancellations, reschedules, etc)  to all attendees including external guests, we will receive them and automatically update Lighthouse to reflect your calendar changes.

...if it's not working, you'll see on your dashboard that there was an issue. Click "No Meetings Found" to see common ways to troubleshoot

Still having trouble?  Send us a message on Intercom or email us at [email protected] 

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