If you use Outlook, whether on premise or in the cloud, it's important that Lighthouse know when you make changes to your 1 on 1s. This way, any changes you make on Outlook will automatically update your 1 on 1s in Lighthouse as well.  

That's why we've built the Outlook Calendar Sync. Follow these easy steps to set it up with your team. 

How to set up the Lighthouse - Outlook Calendar Sync

IMPORTANT: If you do not already have 1 on 1 events on your calendar, please follow the step by step instructions here to create 1 on 1s that sync from the start.  

For those of you who already have a recurring event on your calendar for your 1 on 1s with your team, follow these steps:

1) Go to your Outlook calendar, then click on the next 1 on 1 you have with a team member entered in Lighthouse:

2) When you click on the event, a pop up will come up. Be sure to select "The entire series" and then click "OK."

3) Sync it in Lighthouse

Now you need to get information from Lighthouse to add to the event on your Outlook calendar.  

A) If you don't have 1 on 1s scheduled with them currently, click on "Sync With Outlook" on the team member's 1 on 1 tab:

B) If you do have 1 on 1s currently scheduled manually, then you need to first click on the 3 dots (...) next to the date of your current 1 on 1:

Then, Click on "Sync With Outlook" on the pop up that loads

4) Copy the information from the Pop up and paste it into the Outlook event you're editing:

5) Paste email addresses (Step 2.) into the TO: field, and the Lighthouse Identifier (Step 3.) into the Subject/Description field:

6) Click Send Update

7) Last step! Go back to Lighthouse and click "Confirm Sync"

Once you've added the emails & the Lighthouse identifier, and have clicked to "Send Update", click "Confirm" in the bottom right corner of the pop up:

It may take 30 seconds or up to 10 minutes to confirm the sync. 

....if it's working you'll see the correct dates now showing on your 1 on 1 tab for that team member. 

...if it's not working, you'll see on your dashboard that there was an issue. Click "No Meetings Found" to see common ways to troubleshoot

Still having trouble?  Send us a message on Intercom or email us at [email protected] 

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