Do you reschedule your 1 on 1s a lot? If you do, you're probably going to your calendar first to make the change. 

And why not? It's where you can see all your availability and easily invite your team so they have any changes, too.

If you set up these meetings in the following way, you'll be able to then sync with Lighthouse so that any changes on your 1 on 1 calendar events also automatically update in Lighthouse.

How to make Outlook invites that can sync with Lighthouse 

Here is a screencast of what to do (note: there is *no* audio): 

We also marked up some images from the latest version of Outlook to help you easily create great 1 on 1 events that work for you, your team, and Lighthouse.  

1) Go to your calendar to start making a new event 

2) Click "New Meeting" to start making a new event for one of your 1 on 1s.

3) Add all the attendees (you, your team member, and our email, [email protected]) we specify in step 2. in our pop up in Lighthouse when you click to "Sync with Outlook": 

Then paste that line of attendees to invite into the "To.." field of your event:

For best results, use our list and copy and paste from it to avoid typos and other issues.

4) So we know for sure which 1 on 1 this event is for, add the Lighthouse code in step 3. to the 'Body' field in your event:

Then paste this in the description area of your event:

Important! You can enter anything you want above or below it, but NEVER edit the Lighthouse Identifier text

5) To schedule a recurring series of 1 on 1s with your team member, click the "Recurrence" button. Then, choose the recurrence options that work best for you, and click "OK".

We recommend meeting once a month at least, and ideally more often, if your team size is reasonable (8 or fewer) and your schedule permits. 

Learn more about our recommended frequency for 1 on 1s here.

6) Finally, click "Send" to finish creating the event and send it off to your team member and Lighthouse.

Note: Any time you update the event, *always* choose to "Send updates to all" when prompted. This ensures we receive the changes and can update Lighthouse automatically for you. 

Repeat this process for each of your team members.

>>> IMPORTANT! To complete the sync, you must "Confirm" the sync in Lighthouse, which you can learn about in this next Knowledge Base Article here. 

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