Become a leader is a never ending set of escalating challenges. Just when you master managing a small team, it becomes a large team.

Soon thereafter, you are likely to be managing other managers, and then leading a whole department or company. When these steps happen, you have to start asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I teach my managers the right skills?

  • What are the right skills to demonstrate and ensure my managers follow?

  • How do I know which managers are doing well, and who is struggling?

  • Where can my coaching have the biggest impact?

Having answers to these questions is critical, because a poor leader can poison a whole team and kill a whole project.

Gallup calls this the Cascade Effect:

But with all the new demands, meetings, and pressure, you don’t have time to keep an eye on everyone. It’s hard to find time to invest in everyone.

And that’s where we come in to help you scale your leadership. That way you go from us helping you become a great manager to becoming a great leader of a department.

Make All of Your Managers Lighthouse Pros

By getting all your managers Lighthouse Pro, everyone gets the same training and skill building they need to be the kinds of leaders employees love working with.

Best of all, we have a whole set of features for you all to Learn, Build, and Measure your way to being great leaders:


While you and your team learn key management skills together with Lighthouse Lessons, we’ll send you a discussion agenda so you can meet with your team to talk about the lessons, even without much time to prepare.

This builds camaraderie, and gets you sharing stories and lessons learned. It’s powerful as a participating leader remarked:

"This program is full of valuable and actionable lessons on how to be a better leader and manager.

It also offered our managers, across departments and teams, the opportunity to build camaraderie and grow together as a peer group.”

- Nathan Broslawsky, VP Engineering

Each lesson is also packed with research, key insights, videos, and further reading, so every manager can learn and apply the lessons based on their unique needs.


Get all your managers Lighthouse software accounts so you all build the right habits to manage your teams through better 1 on 1s, building rapport, and helping them grow in their skills and carers.

You’ll also then be able to have Skip Level 1 on 1s in Lighthouse to:

  • Help you stay connected to people deep in your organization through a check in every 3-6 months with each person (or reminders to check in again)

  • Automatically route insights and talking points from your skip levels to the next 1 on 1s with their manager so you can easily coach and improve them.

With everyone using Lighthouse to have great 1 on 1s, you'll create a consistent experience with every employee having a manager that cares and follows through.


There are multiple ways for you to then measure not only how you’re doing but efficiently identify which of your managers are doing great, and who needs more help and coaching:

  • Identify patterns: When we run Manager Scores for all your managers, we’ll provide you with a summary report so you know how all your managers scored. Focus your efforts on low scorers and areas many of your managers were weak, while each of them gets a report specific to their scores.

  • Focus on your weak links: With Lighthouse analytics, you can quickly see which of your managers are having consistent 1 on 1s and growing their people, and who you need to help or give a nudge.

As you can see, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We give you all the information you and your team need, and help you take the most effective actions possible with the least amount of time and effort on your part.

This is how you become a multiplier as a leader and become the kind of executive that drives sought after results. It's also how you ensure your strongest habits and values as a leader are instilled in every manager in your organization.

If you’re interested in Lighthouse Pro for you, or your department, contact us at [email protected] and we can schedule a call to talk about your unique challenges, answer your questions, and walk you through how we can help you.

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