When you're in charge of your entire organization, there are times you want to make changes to a team member's name or email. Things like the following come up regularly:

  • A person prefers to go by their middle name, and you want to reflect that in Lighthouse  

  • A person changes their last name after getting married

  • You catch a typo you want to fix on a person

  • The email address of a team member changes, or needs updated to their primary email.


>> Manager looking to update your own team member?
Click on the 3 dots (...) in the top right corner of their page and click "Edit Profile":

Or manage your whole team from the Team section of Settings:

Click "Edit" under the name of the Team Member you want to edit.


Editing Employees in the HR Organization View:

 1) Go to the Organization view in your Lighthouse account by clicking "Organization" in the top right corner when you're logged into Lighthouse:

2)  Search for the person you want to edit by typing their name in the search box:

Having trouble finding them? Try alternate spellings of their name, search by just their last name, or try their email address.  

3) If it's a team member, it may be hidden so click to expand that manager's team so you see the person:

4)  Click on the carrot next to their name to see options with them to Edit, as well as Archive, Download an Export, or Delete them from the system

IMPORTANT! You must use the Edit option for a Team Member (nested under a manager, like Susan Thompson); if you use it for a manager (like Jason), you will NOT have the same options to edit photo and job title. 

5)  Make any changes or additions in this pop up window and click "Save" and you're done!

In addition to editing their Name, Email, and Job Title, you can edit or add their photo by clicking on it / the "+" that appears if there is none.

After clicking save, you'll get a small confirmation message and be taken back to the main HR Organization screen:

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