New hire you need to add to a manager's team? You can add them with just a few quick clicks:

1) Go to your Organization view when you log into Lighthouse by clicking "Organization" in the top left navigation:

2) Search for the Manager you want to add to their team using the search box right above your Manager List:

3) Once you find the manager you want to add to, click the downward arrow on the far right of the row for the manager:

4) Fill in the fields (Name and Work Email are required) and click Save, and you're all set!

Note: We will automatically send an invite to this new team member so they have an Agenda account to manage 1 on 1s and Goals with their new manager.  

PS: If you accidentally add them to the wrong manager, you can move them to the correct one by clicking on the team member drop down arrow on the right and selecting "Transfer":

Then just follow the instructions to search for and select the new manager to switch to and you're done. 

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