Most people find it very easy to contact Lighthouse if you have questions, feedback, or otherwise want to reach us. For those of you new, or missing the many options, here's what you can do:

1) Reply to the message you were sent

Any of our blog, billing, and educational emails can be replied to. You'll see each of the emails has a real email address it's sent from; we don't believe in "[email protected]" email addresses like so many big companies.

Note: If it's a prep or reminder email about a 1 on 1, whatever you reply gets added to your notes (convenient, right?).

For all other emails, they come from a real person (like jasonevanish @ or one of our many monitored emails (like help @ or feedback @ For those, just click reply and we'll see and respond as soon as we can (typically < 24 hours).

2) Use Intercom!

Intercom is a multi-billion dollar chat support tool. You likely see their little chat circle in the bottom of many of the software applications you use every day. Lighthouse is no different:

When you click that circle, you'll then be able to send us a chat message directly from the page in Lighthouse you're on (or these help docs).

We prefer you use this option, because we automatically know the page you were on, your browser & device info, and some basic account details, all which help us resolve your issue faster.

3) Email us directly at [email protected]

If all else fails, or you're not already in the app or replying to a message, you can always contact us at help @

To help us answer your question or resolve a bug faster please include answers to all of the following that apply to your situation:

  • Describe the situation or issue: What is happening? What are the steps you took that led to the issue? Where were you in the product when the problem occurred?

  • Who: Include the full name(s) of which team member(s) are affected

  • Devices: What browser and device were you using when it happened

  • Images: Include any screenshots if an image will help explain the issue

Also, please be sure to make your subject line something that hints at the issue.

For example, if you have a 500 or 404 error, include that in your subject, not a generic "Question about Lighthouse" kind of subject that we could easily miss or not prioritize as high as "500 error using Lighthouse with my 1 on 1 with Joe."

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