[Note: Lighthouse text editors do not support Safari browsers before Version 10, nor Internet Explorer (any version). We recommend using Chrome or Firefox if possible]

Taking notes is a HUGE part of being a good manager. That's why you'll find tons of places in the product where we help you organize notes on your team and from their 1 on 1s. 

Remember, as Andy Grove said: 

So as you take notes, here's a few things to know about Lighthouse's notes system:

1. Click in any field to start taking notes. Stop typing for 5 seconds and we auto-save your work:

If you ever lose notes, contact us ASAP with the team member's name affected and what time it happened and we can restore for you.

2. If saving fails, we give you a big, red warning so you can make sure you reconnect to the internet before closing your Lighthouse browser window. 

The red bar will persist until saving works. Once saving works you'll see the green "Yay! Your information saved successfully!" message.

3. Have a long entry of notes? Your cursor will start *exactly* where you click:

4. Need a bigger window to enter notes? Just drag the triangle in the bottom right corner of any text window:

5. Click into another browser tab, and come back to the Lighthouse tab and your cursor will be waiting right where you left off:

6. Sharing your screen? Use the Lighthouse Privacy mode to hide your Private Notes by clicking the toggle, or cntrl+shift+h on your keyboard

Note: If you change tabs for a person or jump to another user, you will have to turn the Privacy mode on again when you return to the page. The keyboard shortcut for this is [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[H]   

Remember: Your Private notes are always private to you. Your team member *never* sees anything you write there (hence why we have a *Shared* agenda area for you to share with them). 

The Privacy button is just for situations where you share your computer screen with them and don't want them to see that section.

7. Accidentally close the browser before everything saves? We warn you on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. (Sorry, Internet Explorer doesn't support this :( ) 


A few links to go deeper to help you with note taking in Lighthouse:

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