Goals are a key part of anyone's work life. Goals give us a direction to head for and the focus needed to succeed.

With Lighthouse Goals, we give you a place to organize your goals, and break them down into small, achievable steps together.  

Breaking goals down into small steps isn't just a smart way to check in along the way. It also helps your team be happy, by taking advantage of the Progress Principle from Stanford PhD, Teresa Amabile:

And when you make sure some of the goals are related to their career growth, you also prevent the leading cause of turnover for your best employees.

How to use Lighthouse Goals to Grow Your People

Okay. So now that you want to set a goal, let's go over quickly how Lighthouse helps you set the goals:

To find your Goals tab:

>>> If you're a team member in Lighthouse (NOT a manager):

On default we load the 1 on 1 tab, so all they have to do is click on Goals:

>>> If you're a manager, just click on any team member and then that team member's Goal tab to view what that person added.

And if you're a manager, and want to enter your goals to use with your boss, then they click on "Your Manager" at the top of the list of their team on the left:

Then, all Goals work the same as outlined below:

1) Create a new Goal and start making steps

2) Add steps for *both* of you  and assign due dates when you're ready

3) Advanced Controls: Archive, Complete Goals, Delete them, and more

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