If you use Google Calendar (GCal) to schedule all your meetings at work, then you should schedule your 1 on 1s there, too.

With the Lighthouse Google Calendar Sync, we will automatically stay up to date on changes you make to your 1 on 1s you have scheduled there. Rescheduling has never been easier.

Note: You need to schedule your 1 on 1s on your Google Calendar first. Then, come back to Lighthouse and use our sync as instructed below.

Here's how to set up the Google Calendar sync in a variety of ways:

1) Starting with a brand new account

If you are starting a brand new Lighthouse account, when you add your team member's name and email, then click on Google Calendar Sync:

Follow the flow to authorize Lighthouse to access your calendar, and then pick the correct 1 on 1 for your team member. 

Then you'll return to this page and can repeat for the rest of your team.

2) Setting a new date from your Dashboard

If your account was already set up for you, or someone was transferred to your team, you'll see them on your dashboard a section for your "Unscheduled 1 on 1's", where you can click "Set Date" to schedule or sync your 1 on 1s with the team member:

A pop up will then come up, where you can click "Sync with Google Calendar" to access the same sync flow to choose the correct Google Calendar even series for that person's 1 on 1s: 

3) From their 1 on 1 tab - No 1 on 1 date set

If your team member has no 1 on 1 dates set then their 1 on 1 tab will look like this, with the Google Calendar button easy to spot and click:

4) From their 1 on 1 tab - A date is already set

If you already set Lighthouse up with manual scheduling, just click on the 3 dots (...) next to the current date on their 1 on 1 tab to access scheduling options:

Then again, click "Sync with Google Calendar" and follow the flow to choose the event series for this team member:

5) When adding a new team member to your existing account

As your team grows and you add to your team, you'll want to sync with Google Calendar for them as well. All you have to do is choose your frequency of 1 on 1s and then click "Google Calendar Sync":

A note on changing your  Google Calendar sync

If you ever need to change the event you sync with, just click the date at the top of their 1 on 1 tab:

Then a pop up will come up to help you either jump right to the Google Calendar event to change it, or remove the sync and choose a new one:

Have questions or issues with the Google Calendar sync, leave a comment or contact us with Intercom in the bottom right corner of the page.

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