When you use Slack, it becomes a big part of your work life. That's why we built a Slack integration in Lighthouse to help fit right into your workflow.

To set it up, just go to the Integrations page under Settings in Lighthouse:

Then click "Add to Slack" and follow the flow to choose the appropriate Slack group for you, and you're done!

The Lighthouse Slack integration helps you do all these things:

{NOTE: Type "help" when talking to the Lighthouse bot to see a list of commands that work for your account} 

For Managers:

  • Get your Prep email as a private Slack message

  • Get your "Reminder to enter your notes" message as a private Slack message

  • "Shared Agenda [Team Member Name]:" Enter an Agenda item for a 1 on 1 with anyone on your team

  • "Note [Team Member Name]:" Enter a Private Note on anyone on your team

  • "Show Prep [Team Member Name]": View the latest agendas and notes you have for that Team Member's upcoming 1 on 1. 

  • "SQ": Get a pair of Suggested Questions right away to ask in your 1 on 1 

  • "List": Get a List of  everyone on your team with links to jump straight to any of their profiles.

For Team Members:

  • Get your 3 Day and 1 Day before Reminder emails as a private Slack message

  • "My Agenda": Add things to your agenda for your 1 on 1 with your manager.

  • "My Prep": See the latest agendas and notes you have for your 1 on 1 with your manager.

If you are a manager and have a 1 on 1 with your boss in Lighthouse, then you can do all of the above in your account :).


>>> Ever need to remove Slack? Do this:

  1. Go to https://<YOURTEAMDOMAIN>.slack.com/apps/manage 

  2. Click on GetLighthouse from the list

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Remove App"

Still have questions or an issue with the Lighthouse - Slack bot?

Contact us at [email protected] OR use Intercom in the bottom right corner of the Lighthouse app to message us.

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