Skip Level 1 on 1s are an awesome way to help your whole organization work better. They give you a set time to check in with those that report to the people you directly manage. It's having 1-on-1s with the reports of your report.

In those meetings, you can:

  • Find out how your managers are really doing beyond what they tell you.

  • Get feedback and insights to help your managers, and their teams, improve.

  • Get a pulse on what’s happening on the front lines you’re layers removed from.

  • Build trust with those lower in your organization so they stay engaged and contributing.

  • Learn where there is dysfunction, insufficient communication, or confusion within parts of your organization.

  • Personally demonstrate you value everyone in your organization in a scalable way.

If you need more information on how Skip Level 1 on 1s work, why you should have them, or what to do as you get started, check out our post on the Lighthouse blog here.

And when you're ready to have them in Lighthouse follow these steps below:

How to Start Skip Level 1 on 1s in Lighthouse

If you and the managers under you have Lighthouse accounts, we can help you manage your Skip Level 1 on 1s, too.  This is a special feature, so to turn it on, email us now at [email protected]  

Then follow these steps:

1) Turn on Skip Levels in the Team section of Settings:

Click the triangle (like Susan, above) to expand the team of the manager whose people you want to have Skip Level 1 on 1s with. 

Then, mark the boxes next to the names of your skip levels you want to meet with and click "Save Changes".

  • Pro Tip: To select everyone fast, click the top name on the list, then hold SHIFT while clicking the box for the person at the bottom of the list.

2) Go to the Dashboard and start scheduling or syncing your Skip Level 1 on 1s

When you save changes, you can go straight to the Dashboard, or return to that page to select team members on more of your managers' teams.

Once at your Dashboard, scroll down to the list of "Unscheduled 1 on 1s" and click "Set Date" to start setting your Skip Level 1 on 1 dates or syncing with your calendar:

Then set your 1 on 1 by either manually setting a date or syncing with your Google or Outlook Calendar, just like you would for a 1 on 1 with your team:

3)  Get ready for your Skip Level 1 on 1s 

You can go through and sync or set up all your 1 on 1s from the Dashboard, then just navigate to your Skip Level pages:

When you click the triangle next to their manager (like Susan, above), you'll see their team. Anyone with the blue icon next to their face has Skip Level 1 on 1s enabled for them. Just click that to view their Profile:

Your Skip Level 1 on 1 has all the same features of regular 1 on 1s, plus some helpful additions:

  • Shared Agendas between you and the Skip Level team member

  • Private Notes, only you see, but not the team member

  • Suggested Questions to make the most of the meeting

  • Prep and Reminder emails to get you ready and make sure you take notes

  • Action Items with email to set clear expectations (we even have 1 special one for things to talk to their manager about).

And you'll notice the extra tabs:

You can also view their managers items with this team member, so you can build some rapport instantly, or know what Goals they're working on.

Ready to start Skip Level 1 on 1s with your team? 

Contact us at [email protected] to get started. 

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