After much investigation, we found that certain browser extensions in Google Chrome are interfering with our auto-save text editor feature. 

If you enter notes in your Chrome browser on Lighthouse and click outside the editor and do *not* see this green confirmation, *Yay! Your information saved successfully" then your notes are not saving.  

(If you see this confirmation, you have nothing to worry about and can stop reading)
You'll also know the auto-save is working if you type in our text editor and stop typing for 5 should see this "Saving" message with a spinner then "Saved" confirmation:

If you do not see these, then one of your extensions is blocking our save. Known culprits so far: Buffer, and Grammarly extensions. 

To disable an extension, enter: chrome://extensions/ into your Chrome browser.

Then, uncheck the "enable" box and go back to Lighthouse and refresh the page. Try typing notes again to see if they show saving indicators.

You can also disable Grammarly specifically for Lighthouse by following these instructions: 

If you need help troubleshooting this issue, please let us know. If you see the Saved indicators then you know everything is fine for you.

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